Monday, November 26, 2012

Yunnan Sourcing Samples

My samples from finally came in today. Usually Scott is quite good at sending out orders in a timely manor, but apparently I ordered at a bad time and it was not able to ship until last week. Anyway, they are here now, and I am excited (as I always am with new tea).

I got 25g of 2009 Menghai 7542 901 (raw), 2008 Menghai "Da Yi Hong" (ripe), 2007 Mengku "Mu Ye Chun" 001 (raw), and 2011 Yunnan Sourcing "Man Tang Hong Number 2" (ripe). I'll be trying these out over the next few days and hopefully share some of my thoughts here. Depending how much I like them, I'm hoping to end up with one or two full cakes after tasting all four. I also have a few Black Fridays teas somewhere in the mail, and should be here any day. 

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 23, 2012


Well hello. I genuinely do not expect this blog to get any interest at all or have any readers, I just want a place to write. I'm not good at writing, but I'll try my best. I like tea, and a while ago I found out I love tea, so I want to record my ideas about it in some way. My hand writing is shit so a diary is out, and word documents just aren't organized enough. At least with this, not matter how bad the content, it will look pretty. I'm a student, I don't have the time to spend everyday writing, and I don't have the money to go out and buy some fancy-schmancy teas and tea ware. I'll make do with what I have, but never the less I'll spend every penny I can afford on tea.

Anyway that's a little introduction, I highly doubt anyone will read this, but if by some miracle they do, check back in a few days for some crudely written, possibly tea related posts.